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Big Gigantic’s two latest promo video signal new creative direction

Big Gigantic‘s recent video share means that something big is on the horizon. What could it be? From the looks of it, the pioneering funk-electronic duo are bringing deep reflection with their latest offering.

On Sunday, a cryptic promotional video was presented through lush and ambient soundscapes mixed with blooming flower visuals. In addition, a message appeared over a glitched motion-like cinematography, reading the following: “The start of something. A driving motivation. A new phase. So, join us for this ride for moments of connection, truth, vulnerability, creativity, and honesty.”

A second video entitled “What do you love about yourself?” expands on positive affirmations. It’s clear that Big G is highlighting a thematic extravaganza full of fan collaboration and interactivity.

Having recently released their latest single, “Better Believe It Now,” with Gramatik, and their latest Brighter Future LP nearing its third birthday, new music is almost definitively on the horizon with Dom and Jeremy.