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Road to Shambs: Stream Mersiv’s mind-bending satellite mix for Shambhala 2019

Denver-based producer Mersiv has certainly come into his own over the past few years. His is a style that is crisp, layered, and meticulously crafted, on the one hand, all the while feeling completely impromptu, spacey, and left-field at the same time. Mersiv has been turning the heads of bass music aficionados around the country. In 2019 alone, he’s played Buku, the Coachella DoLaB stage, and supported Boggie T.rio on tour, with much more on the horizon. Now Mersiv is primed to venture beyond the US.

As a part of Shambhala‘s AMP official mix series, Mersiv has laid out a full hour and thirty minutes of pure mind-bending bliss. The mixtape is just what the doctor ordered to get folks stoked for the 2019 iteration in British Columbia, taking place August 9-12. Packed with plenty of yet-to-be-identified tracks and IDed unreleased collabs from Mersiv and his friends, along with some bone-chillingly low tempo mashups and a capellas, Mersiv’s mixtape will take listener’s on a journey deep into the bass music abyss.

Shambhala tickets are now on sale on their official website.


Desert Diamond – Minnesota [Martian Mashup]
Taijutsu – Mersiv [Crank Dat – Soulja Boy Mashup]
ID – Mersiv, Killa Nova
ID – Clefto, Mersiv
Mind Sounds – Mersiv. [It’s Goin Down – Yung Joc Mashup]
Immerse Yourself ft. Cody Reed – Mersiv (Unreleased)
Digital Eden – Mersiv (Unreleased)
Get To You – Supertask, Saint Sinner [Mersiv Remix] (Unreleased)
ID – Fiyah [Eyes On Fire – Blue Foundation Mashup w/ Get To You Vocals]
Multiply Us (prod. by Mersiv) – Knat Turner
Roll With It – Matter, Mersiv [Throw Some D’s – Rich Boy Mashup]
Ulysses – Om Unit
Safe – Mersiv (Unreleased)
Beefcake – Jade Cicada [Candy Shop – 50 Cent Mashup]
Gold – Kyral x Banko
Mercury – Fiyah
ID ft. Knat Turner – Mersiv, Laika Beats [Hotbox – Liquid Stranger Mashup]
Follow Me – Mersiv, Fiyah [Augustus Lad – Nvctve Mashup]
ID – Mersiv, Fryar
ID – Mersiv
Topper Top – Killa P, Lady Chann, Teddy Bruckshot, Sir Spyro
Get Crazy – Jantsen, Mersiv (Unreleased)
Absolute Fire – Downlink
ID – Mersiv
ID – sfam, Mersiv
ID – Mersiv