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Haywyre gives Martin Garrix’s ‘Summer Days’ the soulful makeover it deserves

When Martin Garrix teamed up with rapper Macklemore and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy less than two months ago, the collaboration was a noticeable departure from Garrix’s electro style. Certainly, the STMPD Records head has begun to diversify his sonic catalog after leaving Spinnin’. Yet, “Summer Days” was one radio-ready hit that bordered so many different genres, between rap, indie, and disco-funk, that people began to wonder where Garrix’s influence was at all.

Now Haywyre has completely transformed the track into something all his own, taking the song’s original funky attitude and turning up a notch with his signature keyboard riffs and chords. Haywyre speeds up the tempo noticeably, adds in some new vocal chops and removes Macklemore’s rap verses entirely, as well as introduces his trademark synth-led breakdowns. The remix brings a brand new energy to “Summer Days” that captures the feeling of the season with smooth, soulful perfection.

Listen to Haywyre’s rendition of “Summer Days” and watch a clip of Haywyre performing the cut below.