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Stream Desert Dweller’s blissful downtempo set from Lightning In A Bottle 2019

Desert Dwellers is one veteran act that we’ve long supported at Conscious Electronic. The duo are off another Lightning in a Bottle performance recently, where we had the chance to catch up with them about their meditative style and their recent Breath album. For those who were able to attend the DoLaB-produced transformational festival, and even those who were not, LiB HQ and Desert Dwellers now put out a supremely mastered set recording of the one-and-thirty-minute journey.

The excitement around Desert Dwellers’ enthralling set at the Thunder stage was the talk of the community in the weeks following the 2019 installment. Those who’ve witnessed a Desert Dwellers set live know all too well of the magical inter-dimensional spaces the pair take their crowd on, leaving you stripped and bare. Curl up into a meditative position, use it as your yoga ambient background music, and listen for yourself.

Set List:
1) Longing for Home
2)Dreams within a Dream
3) Saraswati’s Twerkaba (Landswitcher >> Tribone Remixes)
4) The Great Mystery (Tribone Remix)
5) Perfect Stranger – Clear Vision (Desert Dwellers Remix)
6) Ace Ventura & Symbolic – The World that You Know (Desert Dwellers Remix)
7) Bluetech – Dawn Ascent (Desert Dwellers Remix)
8) Eat Static – Dionysiac (Desert Dwellers Remix
9) Seeing Things
10) To Be the Air
11) One that Shows the Way
12) Liquid Bloom – Resonant Migration (ATYYA Remix)
13) Breathing the Mysteries