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Listen to Daily Bread’s 11-track ‘Navigator Standby’ LP

Under the Pretty Lights helm, Daily Bread has curated a unique and recognizable style over his career. Hip-hop and soul samples blend with funky rhythms and bass tones as he takes listeners on a journey to outer space. Sprinkled with vintage sci-fi samples, horns and church organs, Daily Bread’s head-nodding vibe sounds both futuristic and retro. Now he’s stepping out on his own and his enthralling sonic mixture has come completely to fruition on the beautiful and well-rounded LP, Navigator, Standby.

Clocking in at 11 tracks, the record is a journey through a host of musical inspirations. It’s no surprise to learn that the producer hails from Atlanta, as hip hop seems to be a reoccurring force on this album. Various artists are sampled on the first track, “Spaceships on I-285,” including the instantly recognizable voice of Outkast mastermind André 3000. Two Atlanta rappers, Obeah and STS, are also featured on “A Loss in Electrical Power” and “Interstellar Frequency,” respectively. Their silky flows go easily with the butter-smooth production that Daily Bread lays down throughout the album.

Navigatory, Standby is a solid release, both thematically and musically. The vibe feels consistent throughout, and the conceptual sci-fi nature of the album shines as well without ever feeling overdone. This is another outstanding release from Philos Records; fans of Pretty Lights and other funky sample-heavy bass music will certainly find pleasure in giving this album a listen.