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Relive G JONES’ entire set from Second Sky Music Festival

If you’ve seen G Jones live, you’re probably already frantically scrolling down to the end of this article to click the video link. If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. Equal parts meticulousness and madness, his live performances are razor-sharp bolts of precision that strike boldly forward into new realms of electronic music. He’s been visibly and audibly refining his craft with each performance, so it was only right that he brought his unique artistic vision and plenty of new tunes to his friend Porter Robinson‘s inaugural Second Sky music festival.

After releasing last year’s widely acclaimed The Ineffable Truth LP, G Jones embarked on a tour of the same name, making his mark on cities across the United States for months. Concertgoers were treated to a host of his signature blistering bass anthems, peppered with occasional beautifully soft synthesizer melodies, all set against a backdrop of his trademark black-and-white only visuals.

His set at Second Sky was no different, containing plenty of unreleased and unknown music, blended with anthemic cuts like “Understanding the Possibility” and “Helix.” Even his unreleased track debuted at 14 minutes in sounds reminiscent of Porter Robinson’s style. The bright, uplifting tune was incredibly appropriate to debut at this particular festival and makes it abundantly clear that he is carefully planning every single step of the musical journey.

Consisting of entirely original music and visuals, the hour-long set has now been immortalized in all its glory on high-def video. Many other sets, including that of Porter himself, can be streamed on the same YouTube channel. We’ll be looking forward to seeing more from G Jones and the other artists that made Second Sky such a success.