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Manic Focus tries his hand at house with second single from forthcoming LP

Things have been rather quiet for Chicago based music producer John McCarten. Known more commonly under his stage name, Manic Focus, hasn’t delivered new material since his noteworthy Minds Rising remix album. However, with a single released two months ago in “Never Grew Up,” along with a follow-up today in “All This Is,” it’s safe to say there an impending album on the horizon.

In his newest song, the producer says he’s taking a stab at house music, but the song eventually evolved into a bass-driven composition with crunchy breakbeats.

“This was my first attempt at making a house track,” says McCarten of the song. “But as it evolved it kind of became its own bassy thing. I was going for something hard, dancy, almost industrial; and ‘All This Is’ has quickly become one of my favorite songs to play live because that’s exactly what it became.”

Taken together, both tracks begin the anticipation for Manic Focus’s latest studio album, Lost in a Digital World, which is scheduled for release in September.