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Bonobo delivers dream-like new single, ‘Linked’

The legendary Simon Green, better known by his stage name Bonobo, has been creating some of the most beautiful downtempo music since for twenty years now. Over time, as Bonobo has experimented with more funky sounds, he’s found ways to incorporate these more upbeat elements into his usually more relaxed oeuvre. One thing has remained the same through it all — a vivid and serene soundscape. Those can always be found across his tracks, no matter how lively and uplifting some of them might get.

The British producer has just dropped a new afro-indie single, “Linked,” under the Ninja Tune label. Coming as the only the second song that Bonobo has released since 2017, “Linked” is filled with over six minutes of ambient sounds, funky synth arrangements, and tranquil beats. One thing that Bonobo remains of a master is his ability to bring listeners into a dream-like state of bliss. His music is the link.