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MUST LISTEN: Eric Prydz shares the first of three ‘PRYDA 15’ EPs

Eric Prydz is a man of few words and lots of action. Although he manages to stay busy on the cutting edge of production with his EPIC 6.0 HOLOSPHERE, the progressive juggernaut manages to put out new material regularly. This past spring, Prydz announced he was celebrating a landmark 15 years of his PRYDA alias and, to mark the occasion, he was releasing new music in the form of three EPs.

Today, the first of the three-part project comes to fruition in Pryda 15: Volume 1. The EP features six tracks that are available the first time in their mastered form, but have been witnessed Prydz’s live shows for years. Keep in mind, PRYDA is a project the Swedish-born house pioneer began 15 years ago, and some of the tracks found on this EP have been in his vault spanning almost a decade.

With a discography that extends into the several thousands, and an ever-expanding fanbase who’ve been seeing Prydz live reaches the double and triple digits, Pryda fans will rejoice at being able to identify the tracks they’ve been hearing played live for years. Stay tuned for two more glorious projects to come of the Pryda 15 series.