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Ivy Lab signal complete departure of style on vibey, four-track ‘Stars’ EP

UK legends Ivy Lab have been going rampant on releases recently. With new singles out frequently this year and a recent promo mix for the upcoming Shambhala festival, there’s been a plethora of new material coming from the multifaceted producers’ uniquely left-field camp. Their newest EP project, titled Stars, not only showcases their incredible versatility but also offers a satisfying style change from some of their recent releases.

Known for hard-hitting halftime bangers like the recent “Orange,” Ivy Lab has moved parallel to that sound with three new groovy, head-nodding singles to match. Filled with organic, slow-moving drum patterns and tender vocal samples, the four-track player is the perfect soundtrack for a chill summer day. Their hip hop roots are very evident here, as the tunes contained within evoke an almost lo-fi beats feel at times.

However, this is still Ivy Lab we’re talking about. There is no shortage of insanely detailed sound design and gigantic, swelling, distorted analog synths. It’s truly impressive how Ivy Lab have managed to so distinctly brand their sound, then simply turn around and make an EP that is obviously an Ivy Lab project… and yet in an almost entirely different genre on its own.