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Eric Prydz forced to cancel second weekend HOLOSPHERE performance at Tomorrowland

When Tomorrowland closed the books on the first weekend of its 15th anniversary celebration, many attendees who traveled from every corner of the earth had one resounding celebratory remark. That is, Eric Prydz‘s debut HOLOSPHERE 6.0 performance was the most spectacular performance of the festival. And for a festival known for its over-extravagance and over-the-top display, that is certainly saying something.

However, for those attending the second and closing weekend of Tomorrowland’s 2019 iteration, many are heartbroken at the news that Eric Prydz can no longer deliver HOLOSPHERE. The cancellation is due to the ceiling of the Freedom Stage, where the 6.0 rig was housed, collapsing over the week. Tomorrowland organizers were forced to reconstruct the space as an open-air arena to meet the festival’s safety standards, but the damage was much too great for the stage to house the EPIC rig. Tomorrowland HQ released a press statement on the news earlier this week,

“Freedom Stage – this weekend home to Eric Prydz, Axtone and A State of Trance – will transform into an open air stage. On Wednesday afternoon, a part of the ceiling of the covered Freedom stage sank. Our technical experts and production teams are not able to reconstruct the structure of the ceiling to Tomorrowland’s standards. The safety of our guests remains our highest priority and that’s why we created a Freedom Outdoor stage.”

Prydz has yet to comment on whether he will bring the HOLOSPHERE elsewhere in the future, or if a re-scheduled performance elsewhere will even occur. While it’s much too soon to tell, Prydz is known for making good with his loyal fanbase, many of whom traveled out to Boom, Belgium just for his HOLOSPHERE 6.0 debut. According to organizers, Prydz will still appear at the festival without the technological marvel:

“Eric Prydz will still be closing the stage on Friday, unfortunately, there is no time to build his Holosphere. The Symphony of Unity will be relocated to the Lotus Stage on Sunday (17h00 – 18h00 CEST). The rest of the line-up remains unchanged.”

Watch Eric Prydz debut his HOLOPHERE 6.0 display at Tomorrowland 2019, weekend one, here.

Photo credit: Facebook/Tomorrowland