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Pluto Era & 5am combine forces on soulful new glitch-hop EP, ‘Lookout’

In the glitch-hop sector of the bass music world, two Philadelphia-based producers are making quite the mark with their complementary experimental sound designs. As a past opening act for Tipper & Friends, 5am has joined his “mystical jazz fusion” meets “digital psychedelic” sound with Pluto Era‘s abstract glitch-hop approach. The result is a two-track EP journey into organic and illusory sounds, titled Lookout.

Landing as an independently released collaborative effort, Lookout spotlights the natural connection between 5am and Pluto Era’s respective sounds. More than that, the two-track project opens a gateway between the classic soul of the past, the transcendent moment of the present, and the future pulse of psychedelic glitch-hop. From the organic sampling, liquidy basslines, and breakbeat moments in the title track, to the classical soulful approach to experimental bass on “Good Question,” Lookout is one short form effort that will tickle the ears of Dave Tipper fans for miles around.

5AM X Pluto Era – Lookout EP by 5AM, Pluto Era