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Here’s a playlist of every song Bassnectar plays live

In the Bassnectar community, there is a long-running joke that every song Lorin Ashton seems to play in his live sets manages to become an instant Bassnectar track. Perhaps it’s because the Bassnectar community is trolling the original artist or that they don’t really care who played the original track. Perhaps its because Ashton is so insanely good at turning other artists’ tracks on their head, and chopping and remixing his very own layers on top, that they become apart of his very own oeuvre. In either case, once Bassnectar plays a remix, the resounding response is always that “it’s a Bassnectar track now.”

At the same time, Ashton has been able to jumpstart the careers of many — even revive the careers of some — by spotlighting their music for his gargantuan following. After a decades-long DJ career, the number of featured tracks that Bassnectar has delivered live add up to a rather sizeable catalog. Thankfully, one superfan who runs under the SoundCloud screen name Catawompus has compiled a running playlist of “Non-Bassnectar Songs Lorin Plays.” The catalog is so extensive that it currently fills three playlists on SoundCloud, clocking in at a nearly one thousand tracks.

Follow the playlists below to hear every track Bassnectar has played in his live sets, with the most recent update occurring at his Be Interactive event in Nashville earlier this month.

Stream Non-Bassnectar Songs Lorin Plays: Part 1 of 3