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Swarms of Lollapalooza non-ticket holders mob security gates [WATCH]

With the recent festival shooting that killed three at a California food festival, Lollapalooza ramped up security this weekend to an even greater degree. C3 Presents and Lollapalooza, along with other C3 and Live Nation-partnered music festivals like Austin City Limits, Voodoo, and Shaky Beats, are known for having robust security teams and stringent security measures in place. But that didn’t stop non-ticket holders from storming the festival’s side gates to gain free entry into the festival yesterday.

A video of the occurrence was posted by Festive Owl yesterday detailing the swarm, with the influx of fence-hoppers causing the security fence to buckle on itself. Security guards came running, eventually containing the breach, but not before 50 some-odd people were able to get inside. Every one of them were arrested on site.

The OEMC released a statement on Friday about their “robust security plan, which includes multiple layers of fences worked. No one gained entry. Note to anyone who’s thinking about trying it: offenders will be charged with criminal trespass.”