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The internet responds to Flume’s viral ass eating video at Burning Man

Flume was the top trending topic on global search engines this past weekend after a video went viral of the Aussie DJ/producer plunging his face into his girlfriend’s rear end. The act went down during his set at Burning Man when a group of attendees held up a totem reading, “Does Flume even eat ass?”

The video was posted by Flume’s rumored girlfriend, Paige Elkington, on her Instagram stories. It has since been deleted, though you can find it on the r/Flume subreddit. Of course, the alleged “sex act” isn’t the most radical thing to happen at Burning Man, a gathering which hosts orgy tents and free love. However, the video surfacing didn’t go over so well with certain Burning Man purists who discourage the use of video and photos while out on the playa.

“[Flume] gave us two thumbs up when we saw the sign so we wrote “Prove it,” the owner of the totem, Ambor Mercy, told the Daily Mail. “He did not disappoint and did it. We also got him to take off his shirt. It was all in good fun and everyone who was there to see him was loving it.”

The internet, of course, went crazy with reactions and here is a selection of some of our favorites.



This whole thing has given birth to so many great memes from Flume

Title from Flume

Current top Google trending searches… from Flume

So I just looked at the traffic stats of unique visitors per month of r/Flume.. from Flume

I almost feel bad for them lol from Flume

The future is now 2 from Flume

#1 Bad Boy of Twitter from Flume

😂😂. (Credit: Geoff Berghauser) from Flume