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MUST LISTEN: Tycho delivers another blissful Burning Man sunrise set

Tycho has painted quite the aura around his Burning Man deliverances over the past ten years. The multi-talented ambient production wizard has committed himself to creating epic sunrise sets for which Burners venture from every corner of Black Rocky City to witness live. The sets are always themed, always set a highly intentional mood, and always build upon the previous years’ themes.

Building upon last year’s Waypoint set, Tycho’s newest Inversion set is two hours of relaxing, exploratory, and soothing sounds that play out like a dreamlike sequence. Many Burners say these legendary sets are what makes it so hard to come back to to the default world after spending ten (or more) days on the playa. Like waking up from a wonderful dream, the set begins are dusk with Van Halen’s “1985,” continues with loads of new music of Tycho’s Weather LP, before the sun begins rising to Westerman’s “Roads.”

Without fail, Tycho is always first to the punch in uploading his Burning Man set to SoundCloud. Now he’s gifted fans the entire two-hour Inversion set to experience over and over again.

“Happy to present this year’s sunrise set, live from the Dusty Rhino in Black Rock City on Thursday, August 29, 2019,” Tycho notes of the mix. “Thank you all for taking the time to share in this moment, it’s truly a highlight for me to spend this morning with you each year.”


Van Halen – 1984
Boards of Canada – Alpha and Omega
Tycho – Japan (Instrumental)
Muddy Monk & Jimmy Whoo – Divine
Bakradze – Quiet Loop
Karol XVII & MB Valence – Aqua
Tycho – Easy
Tigerskin – This Place Is Empty Without You
Octavian – Lightning (Ross from Friends Remix)
Bonobo – Linked
Kiasmos – Drawn
Tycho – Into The Woods
Letherette – After Dawn
Four Tet – Evening Side (Oneohtrix Point Never Edit)
You Man – Birdcage
Icarus – October
Photay – Illusion Of Seclusion
<<< SUNRISE >>>
Westerman – Roads
Tourist – Elixir
Bicep – Opal (Four Tet Remix)
Maribou State – Turnmills
Tycho – Jetty
B. Traits NorthShore
Tycho – Pink & Blue (Instrumental)
Chrome Sparks – The Meaning of Love
Tycho – Weather