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Bassnectar’s BeInteractive charity is giving away 1,000 months of free therapy [UPDATED]

For those who prescribe to the belief that artists should not use their platform for political messages and just stick to music, Bassnectar probably isn’t the man you should be following around. As a once anti-establishment adolescent into heavy metal, the now 41-year-old has been staunchly anti-Bush, anti-Trump, and anti-hate in his live sets for a number of years.

During his annual BassCenter gatherings is when Bassnectar gets political in the most literal sense of the term. At BCXI, he had an entire segment showing just how un-democratic the electoral college really was, before going into a rare rendition of his track, “Leprechauns Arise.” During this year’s BCXII in Hampton, Virginia, that political message was devoted to something everyone can get behind — mental health.

During an inspiring segment, Bassnectar sent an invitation to fans to apply for a month of free therapy using proceeds raised from BassCenter XII. The segment was played over an instrumental of one of his most popular tracks, “Empathy,” and was received with roaring applause.

“Therapy is for everyone, not just people in crisis,” read the message. “Just like a physical therapist, trainer, or yoga teacher helps you develop skills to keep your body healthy, a mental health professional assists you in developing skills to keep your mind healthy.”

The message — that “Mental Health is essential to being healthy and happy” — couldn’t come at a better time. Just as artists are beginning to openly admit to their mental health issues, so too do music fans need to seek out the mental health services they need. The Bassnectar team is doing everything within its power to help the cause. Still, their motto remains, “WE CAN DO MORE.”

To find out more about a month of free therapy, how to apply for four sessions with a certified mental health professional, and the project in conjunction with BetterHelp, visit the BeInteractiveHQ blog.

Update: Thursday, September 5, 12:58 CST: After an overwhelmingly high number of applicants since it’s Sunday evening launch, Bassnectar is now offering free therapy for up to 2000 months. The program will be funded by proceeds from Bass Center XII and his upcoming FreakStyle shows, taking place November 1 – 2.