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Fall has arrived with a new Lane 8 seasonal mixtape

As the colors of the earth’s finest details change from shades of green to warm-toned reds and oranges, so does the intimacy of Lane 8‘s seasonal mixtape. West coast native, Daniel Goldstein, stands alone in the sea of progressive house DJs thanks to his uniquely designed mixtapes released with the seasons. Knocking out four well-crafted mixtapes a year just in time for the new season to begin, Lane 8 offers these extensive musical creations that invites listeners to reflect on the old while welcoming in the new.

The 2019 fall mixtape provides a seamless transition from summer to autumn with heavier house tunes and deep vocals signifying a shift in colder weather and grounding thought patterns. The mixtape, just shy of three hours long, is rich in tracks both familiar and unusual; all while staying inbounds of his signature indie-progressive house infusion. Goldstein did what he does best and threw in a few old house tracks from the early 2000s, including a rendition of “Days Go By” by Dirty Vegas.

After several months of fun in the sun, fall is the time for rooting down and reflecting. All the seeds of creative exploration, adventure, and self discovery that were planted over the summer are ready for the autumn harvest and this mixtape provides the ideal soundscape for the inner transition to take place.