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Wakaan newcomer Lucii touts vulnerable acoustic version of ‘Neptune’

Hailing from Orlando, Lucii is one underground bass music artist who was a likely culprit to emerge from the strong heavy-bass scene out in Florida. Splashing onto the electronic scene as a homegrown vocalist/guitarist, the Wakaan signee made her first foray into DJing and production in 2017. Lucii then made her Wakaan debut with “Neptune” this past spring, in which the label newcomer brought forth an intriguing melodic touch to her bass-heavy compositions with lyrical vulnerability.

A short time ago, Lucii received overwhelmingly positive feedback from her growing fanbase when she posted a short acoustic version of “Neptune” to her socials. Thus, after much fan and critical praise, the full acoustic accompaniment was born. Filled with emotive depth and impeccable songwriting, Lucii’s lyrics float above her stringent guitar strums as a raw and honest manifesto about some past relational loss. It’s vulnerable, imperfect, and exactly what a good artist lays out on the table.

“This track means so much to me. At the time I wrote the original, I was feeling very alone and was in a dark place. The track came out and exceeded my expectations, in fact it’s actually my most well known track! Even though I live in the electronic world, I appreciate many different kinds of music. I’ve started many of my tracks sitting in my bedroom strumming an acoustic guitar and singing. I’ve been writing songs that way since I was 12, but have always been shy and never wanted to let anyone hear that raw side of my music,” Lucii explains of the track before her management asked her to release it. “If you take away anything from reading this or the track I hope its this – You can do anything. We all have fears, we aren’t perfect, we are flawed and that’s ok.”