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Charlesthefirst and TieDye Ky vibrate higher together on deeply meaningful collaborative, ‘Love & Enemies’

The wierd and wonderful world of underground bass just got a bit more experimental. CE favorite Charlesthefirst has teamed with Philadelphia-bred rising producer TieDye Ky. Fans haven’t heard from the two Madison House affiliates since 2018, with Charlesthefirst’s The Ascent an TieDye Ky’s Basspunk Loverboy. Now the two newcomers have released a joint-effort that will go down in bass music history as a stroke of experimental genius.

The collaboration is titled “Love & Enemies,” which immediately gives off an aura of duality. Then one exposes themselves to the musical make-up and the dichotomous themes begin to emerge from every sound layer. With a beautiful guitar-led melody that gives way to a swampy landscape of breakbeat, low-tempo madness, it’s a wonky and warm journey through colorful sound. Suddenly, the melody comes back in to take over as the two contrasting elements fight for the remainder of the song. One gives way to the other, allowing the other to take over, and back and forth, until the song’s close.

Make no mistake, though, the title isn’t referring to a “frenemy” sort of love. The song’s elements give off a “love thy enemy” vibration. By way of its very composition, “Love & Enemies” truly speaks to the difficult human nature of vibrating higher around lower frequencies.