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Rumor has it, Electric Forest 2020 is extending its stay in Sherwood for 10th Anniversary

Exciting news emerged this week for the Forest Family! As Electric Forest prepares to turn 10 next year, Rothbury’s Village Council just met to review the application for a permit required for the large annual gathering in Michigan. The permit was granted along with much more exciting news on the horizon for the Insomniac and Madison House partnered event.

Festival organizers have yet to confirm the news but a reliable source on Reddit shared what was agreed upon in the meeting. If these rumors are true, early arrival will now take place as early as Tuesday. Music will run every night until 4 am, besides Sunday, which will still run until 2 am. Lastly, the council has voted to extend Electric Forest’s contract for another decade on Double JJ Ranch.

Once confirmed, the news will mean exciting things for Electric Forest attendees. Aside from the obvious perks, like more time to experience the magic of Sherwood Forest, and extended nights to spend roaming around the festival grounds listening to artists at twilight, the news could also mean an even bigger, more robust 2020 lineup.

It’s safe to say that Electric Forest is going to go all out for their 10th anniversary and has solidified its place at the table of great American music festivals for years to come.

Photo credit: Bridgette Mitchell/Conscious Electronic for Electric Forest.