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Nora En Pure drops ambient 3-track house EP, ‘Homebound’

Get ready to sit back and relax with the new ambient EP from Nora En PureHomebound. This collection combines Pure’s unique production ability with elements from string instruments, keys, and horns. This deep house EP consists of three tracks, totaling 10 minutes of simple deep house bliss.

Title track “Homebound” opens the EP with a soft start, transporting the listener into a blissful listening state. Pure uses the piano to underlay this track all while keeping the deep house elements her fans know and love. “Epiphany” is smooth listening but still makes for a great club track. It combines a deep beat with a horn flare, making it perfect for any club or festival. “Dry Sobbing” closes the EP with its piano influences and inspirational melody.

Nora En Pure has been keeping busy with multiple festival appearances and new releases. See where she’ll be next, here.