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Anjunabeats announces Alpine Escape Festival for label’s 20th anniversary celebration

Anjunabeats has been talking about a potential European skiing trip for quite some time. In the official Anjunabeats Facebook group, the Above & Beyond-led imprint recently revealed more information on the trip that will be coming to life in a few months time.

In honor of Anjunabeats 20th anniversary, the Alpine Escape will be taking place at a resort in France on March 28 through April 3. Housing for the event will be multi-bedroom apartments that can accommodate groups of four to seven people. Smaller and larger housing options will be available as well.

According to the recent Group Therapy 350 broadcast, Above & Beyond will not be performing at the festival. Disappointing though it may be, Anjunabeats assures fans that they are assembling an incredible showcase of label talent and friends to celebrate the label turning 20.

More lineup details on Anjunabeats’ Alpine Escape are coming soon.