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Two reliable sources confirm Pretty Lights is returning to the studio and the stage

After much speculation and rumors swirling about, fans have finally gotten confirmation that Derek Vincent Smith is plotting a Pretty Lights return in 2020. Back in August, a fan messaged Smith’s girlfriend, Meg, asking how the two were doing, to which Meg responded, “He’s been working really hard in the studio.” The exchange surfaced immediately over Reddit.

Pretty Lights is known for his glitchy soulful sound that has broken down genre barriers in the electronic dance music world. Yet, fans haven’t heard new Pretty Lights music since 2017 when Smith went on his episodic tour with two-night showcases all across the US. In fact, Pretty Lights has only released two tracks since his 2014 LP, The Hidden Shades. In 2016, Pretty Lights released “Only Yesterday,” followed by “Rainbows & Waterfalls” in 2017.  This year, Pretty Lights hosted a 10-year anniversary show at Red Rocks, which drew in fans from every corner of the earth, but Smith has been quiet ever since.

Now Pretty Lights may be breaking his silence, although inadvertently. Just days ago, Pretty Lights Live keyboardist, frequent collaborator, and dear friend, Borahm Lee, also one-half of Break Science, took to Instagram to plaster up a photo of the two over a caption reading, “TFW you headin to nola to begin again,” along with emojis spelling out “2020.”

While this is all mere fan-fueled speculation and doesn’t outright say how or when Pretty Lights is coming back, fans are hoping and dreaming for something soon– whether it be a string of single releases, a tour, a new album, or all of the above. With 2020 being the date of mention in the post, fans are eager to see what the new year has in store in Smith’s Louisiana hometown. When a date and venue finally does get released, one can bet that the Pretty Lights family will be booking every surrounding hotel block in the Big Easy.