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Datsik issues lengthy statement on his absence, makes no mention of rape allegations [WATCH]

After an 18 month self-imposed hiatus, Troy Datsik has issued a profoundly telling public statement explaining his absence. After extensive touring over the last decade, he sought help for mental health issues after a media firestorm all-but-ended his career. The “bad” press? When multiple women came forth alleging the bass music producer took advantage of them on his tour bus. To target specific women, Datsik advised his team hand out passes marked “tulsa,” which reads “a slut” when read backwards.

In the wake of the sexual assault allegations, Datsik immediately cancelled his 2018 Ninja Nation tour and pulled himself out of all festival appearances in order to reflect and look inward. Albeit, doing so appeared like the only move professionally at the time. Promotion companies were already moving along a warpath of dropping Datsik left and right from their event line-ups. Then, he was dropped by his management and agency, Deckstar and Circle Talent Agency, respectively. Meanwhile his friends and collaborators were beginning to distance themselves from him in the public eye, with some even condemning his actions for all the world to see. The popular consensus was this: Datsik is done. 

The anxiety and depression that I have carried with me since childhood got amplified as the touring went on and what seemed like a quick solution was actually a prescription for a major downfall….,” says Datsik in the PR statement. “It was a very slippery slope, and now I see that when I think back to it all.”

Now it would appear that Datsik is making his first steps at an attempted comeback in a scripted public statement made to his fans, posted over his socials just over two hours ago. The ethos of the video has obvious traces of PR strategy and crisis management written into its subtext, although there are moments of heartfelt regret for his actions.

In the end, when I lost everything I cared about, I really hit rock bottom,” Datsik explains in the video, choking back tears.

Yet, through it all, Datsik makes no mention of his victims nor attempts to issue them any sort of direct apology. Rather, he speaks inexplicably to his actions and talks around them, stating things in vague and inexact terms: “It’s a lifestyle I’m no longer practicing.”

“I’ve taken a lot of time to understand how my actions can impact others,” Datsik continues, brushing over the allegations entirely.

Datsik then issues the following apology:

I apologize for my poor behavior and the reckless lifestyle that ended up having a detrimental effect on my relationships. It’s a lifestyle I’m no longer practicing,” Datsik says, “and one that I’ve worked very hard to overcome.”

In the following statement, Datsik discusses his tarnished past, his past couple of years undergoing major soul searching and therapy, and his plans for “making smarter lifestyle choices moving forward.”