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Midweek Mantra Mix 032: Detox Unit sheds light at Tipper & Friends Nocturnal Edition

Wednesday is humpday, which not only marks the halfway point between the work week and the coveted weekend, but also Conscious Electronic’Midweek Mantra Mix (M3). We’ve been scouring the web’s most enlightening bass music mixes that align with our vision, to provide “a conscious way to consume dance music.” M3 spotlights both veteran and up-and-coming bass music artists whose music seeks to raise the vibrations of their collective listener base.

Electronic music producer Joe Roberts, aka Detox Unit, has been on a steady climb for the past few years. Known for a meticulously crafted, instantly recognizable groovy deep bass sound, he’s released a slew of impressive original tunes and played a multitude of shows alongside some of the heavy hitters of bass music. Originally catching the attention of Dave Tipper in 2016, Detox Unit continues to make all of the right moves as we near a new decade.

As the Tipper & Friends series continues to expand in breadth and scope, the showcase gathering has become known as a springboard for emerging artists to get their break. With lineups carefully curated by a notoriously thorough team, each edition of the event promises to bring both legendary producers and new blood to the forefront. There’s no doubt that Detox Unit was an easy choice for the Nocturnal Edition of the 2017 festival.

detox unit

Featuring a range of inventive sound design, bouncing, pulsating bass, and an array of other wordly instrumentation, his performance at the event catapulted him into the spotlight. It’s a healthy mix of heavy, meditative, and danceable, which is exactly the combination that his fans have come to know and love about his sound. Detox Unit’s crisp attention to detail and obvious passion for bass-heavy glitch is evident with every measure of music. The transformative, living nature of his compositions and the way they are masterfully woven together throughout his 2017 Tipper & Friends set makes Detox Unit this week’s MMM.