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The Glitch Mob’s Boreta channels the stillness on ambient guided-meditation EP, ‘Listen, Dream’ ft. Alan Watts [EP Review]

Ever so often, there comes along a piece of music that so perfectly aligns with the CE mission, that we can’t help but get shivers down the spine and goosebumps on the skin. Boreta‘s newest 4-track EP, Listen, Dream, is one of those projects. As one-third of The Glitch Mob, Justin Boreta and his bandmates (ediT and ooah) boast a deep, bellowing aesthetic that calls up the LA beat scene for which they got their start.

On his own, however, Boreta endeavors along his ambient solo project with much fluency and expertise. There is such reverence in his style, such deep-seated intention within his sound design, that the thought is almost bewildering that he belongs to The Glitch Mob. Indeed, there is a stark contrast between the trio’s dark, smoldering sound and Boreta’s latest output, 2018’s Imagine LP, which features enlightening vocal inclusions from the prophetic Ram Dass.

Now Boreta has enlisted the philosophical musings of another groundbreaking Eastern thinker, Alan Watts, on his Listen, Dream EP, out now on The Glitch Mob’s imprint, Glass Air Records. Taken for its parts, the project is composed of two spoken word tracks, “Listen” and “Dream,” and two instrumental offerings. The spoken renditions sample Watts’ lectures on presence, awareness, and being content with just being.

Taken as a whole, the EP is a meditative listening journey bent on tuning into the body to access the mind. Along the way, Watts reminds us that all we have is now and what’s right in front of us. In its most simplistic form, the EP is a crash course in meditation principles. At the same time, Watts asks one to consider the profound nature of simply “being here now.”

Then, Boreta strips the words from the same tracks, allowing listeners to ponder these notions in our own minds, so that we may hopefully access the soul. Mellow, soothing, and full of grace, Boreta’s newest EP is just as effortless to write about as it is to listen to. This is one we recommend finding a quiet, comfortable place to lay down, close the eyes, and tune in.