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Amtrac announces sophomore album with new single, ‘Between The Lines’ [WATCH]

It’s hard to believe Amtrac (real name Caleb Cornett) released his debut album nine years ago. In 2011, Caleb Cornett was a newcomer in the dance music world with his Came Along LP and he’s been writing the follow-up ever since. The writing and recording process has been quite the Odyssey, one could even say.

It’s no wonder the process took so long considering how, in the time since his debut album, he moved from Kentucky to Los Angeles, opened for Kaskade’s Atmosphere arena tour, released five EPs, 14 singles, and two mixtapes featuring all-original, unreleased material. He even formed his label at one point, calling it Openers. Now the celebrated dance music producer is poised to release his second studio album, Oddyssey, via RCA.

Amtrac has always been a sonic jack of all trades, often jumping from indie jams to deep house to everything in between. His latest single, “Between the Lines,” is a testament to that. Clocking in at 4-and-a-half-minutes, the track is a journey through indie/alt-rock into funky jamtronica with a pulsating four-to-the-floor house beat. Amtrac even sings his own repetitive hook over an arpeggiated synth and some distant guitar progression.

The track comes with an official music video via Vevo, which depicts a man on an odyssey of his own. It’s a fitting metaphor for his own personal and creative process.

Photo: Grant Spanier.