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Space Jesus just released the ID-filled mix that will be turning heads in the bass music world: Stream ‘Moon Dot Mix 00’

When it comes to hitting fans hard and without warning, Space Jesus may have very well unloaded a nuclear bomb of unreleased IDs. The Jersey-born, Boulder-residing DJ/producer (born Jasha Tull) released what appears to be a new mixtape series that looks to be the first of many. Dubbed “Moon Dot Mix 00,” the listening experience is filled with 33 minutes of unrelenting bass gems.

The jam-packed mixtape also boasts some unreleased tracks that fans are just seeing for the first time, and not just from Space Jesus himself. Tull also features collaborations with Charlesthefirst, Eazybaked and Milano, ShapeOne, and girlfriend Huxley Anne.

Not only that, Moon Dot Mix 00 feature some important, yet-to-be-IDed solo tunes of his close friends. Those IDs include tracks from Lordel, two from Esseks, Eazy Baked, Digital Ethos, and Paint, which apparently the duetted side-project of Tsuruda and Huxley Anne.

Interestingly, Space Jesus takes careful moves to string tracks from TieDye Ky all throughout his mix. Nothing Jasha does is completely unintentional, so could it mean that he’s taken the rising bass act under his wing? Only time will tell.

Space Jesus is readying himself to embark on his Moon Landing tour this weekend in Washington DC, with an opening act support roster that one can pull straight out of the mix. Be sure to check dates and, if you do nothing else today, listen to this mix.


0:00 intro. tiedye ky//Pipus//GDP
0:47 V.I.V.E.K  – Different Sound ft. Dego Ranking
1:29 Lordel – ID
2:22 tiedye ky – Save The Earth
4:14 DMVU – Half Man Half Ocean
5:29 Esseks – ID
6:50 Space Jesus – ID
8:13 Thelem x Onhell – Causatum
9:36 Chee – Vultures
11:25 DMVU – Blocc’d (Supersillyus edit)
11:45 Carbin – wook type beat
12:10 Esseks – ID
13:02 tiedye ky – Maintaining It All
14:05 Eazybaked x Milano x Space Jesus – ID
15:20 Space Jesus x CharlesTheFirst – ID
17:46 Eazybaked (ID) vs ShapeOne and Space Jesus (ID)
19:10 Digital Ethos – ID
20:09 Paint (Tsuruda x Huxley Anne) – ID
21:20 Lordel x Benny the Butcher x Space Jesus (FORBIDDEN ID)
23:00 tiedye ky – Never Cage a Butterfly
24:39 Space Jesus x Huxley Anne – Phanerothyme (ID)
26:12 Zebbler Encanti Experience – Dust Remix VIP
26:55 Supersillyus – ??/?? (part ?) x Dego Ranking
29:25 Space Jesus – Tell Them Maia
31:57 tiedye ky x Pipus – Pipus and Wine

Photo credit: Peter Nguyen.