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Porky & Mitch Dodge launch Road to Desert Hearts EP series

Porky and Mitch Dodge launch ‘Road To Desert Hearts’ EP series with ‘Chameleon’ EP

This spring, Desert Hearts (DH) is returning  to their home at Los Coyotes Indian Reservation for their landmark gathering filled with “House. Techno. And Love.” To build excitement for the three day event, taking place April 24-27, each member of the Desert Hearts crew will be releasing an EP over the next few months. Kicking off the hype is DH co-founding father Porky and Mitch Dodge, who have just released their two-tracker Chameleon EP.

The underlying intention of Chameleon is to showcase the sounds that attendees can expect to hear at the landmark Desert Hearts Festival. The title track, “Chameleon,” kicks off the EP with its expertly engineered drum design, echoing vocal samples, and robust basslines. Then comes “Big Dog” with its similar off-kilter sound design, acid-fueled structure, and throbbing beats that nods to the foundation of Desert Hearts’ dusty party aesthetic. The two tracks come together for the perfect launch for raising hype around the festival’s next annual installment.

Over the past 8 years, the Desert Hearts family has found itself at the center of a dusty movement, fostering intimate experiences of sonic joy and unbounded love across the globe. Grab tickets to their boutique festival experience by visiting the Desert Hearts Festival landing page.

Featured photo: Jorgensen Photography / Desert Hearts.