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An-Ten-Nae plays Envision 2020 at the Luna stage

An-Ten-Nae talks forthcoming ‘Acid Voodoo’ album, accompanying tour, & more at Envision Costa Rica [Interview]

Envision Festival‘s landmark tenth anniversary officially kicked off yesterday, February 18, with transcendental hippies flying in from all over the world. Taking place in Utica, Costa Rica the week-long event will see many transformative performances by the world’s top producers in bass, world, funk, and more. One of those is Adam Ohana, known professionally as An-Ten-Nae.

As a veteran in the dance music world, with over ten years of performance experience, Ohana comes to Envision with quite a bit on his plate lately. From writing and releasing music for his own project, to working on collaborative side projects like DnA and Dimond Saints, to side projects WHYT RBBT and Invisible People, he is also the co-founder of the Medicine offshoot of the Muti Music record label, as well as the curator of the beloved Medicine Crunk mix series. Ohana now has a new album, titled Acid Voodoo, coming soon, followed by a tour of the same name.

Conscious Electronic was able to sit down with the west coast producer before his performances at Envision as both An-Ten-Nae and DnA. Ohana dished on everything from his forthcoming LP release and his two collaborative side projects, Dimond Saints as DnA, to his independent imprint, Medicine, and his “Medicine Crunk” mix series, and more.

Photo courtesy of An-Ten-Nae/Facebook.

CE: You have a new album, Acid Voodoo, coming out soon. How has this creative process been different from other projects? What has changed since you first started writing music in the way you approach a project?

AO: Yes, Acid Voodoo is out May 1st, and we have a few singles leading up to it. With each new album, I draw new influences from my surroundings and incorporate them. With this album, my work on my other project The Invisible People, which is my House music project that has a global slant to it, greatly influenced me in my approach. I incorporated more of the tension and release that house and techno has, as well as its slow evolving synths, and merged it with my love of deep vibe dubstep and hip hop and halftime style beats. I feel this album has created its own unique vibe that works as well on the dancefloor as it does a soundtrack for our daily lives.

CE: The first single, “Twilight,” with Morillo, came out February 14. What was it like working with him on this one? Are there other artists that you’re working with on this project that we should be looking out for?

AO: It was a pleasure working with him, just jamming in the studio making pieces and rhythms and slicing it up. Morillo really brought a nice percussive element to this song. This is the only collaborative song on this album, but I have some collabs in the works that I’m really excited about.

CE: You launched a label, called Medicine, a couple of years ago. Which artists and releases are you looking forward to from the label?

AO: I mostly started it as a platform for my music projects. For now, it’s focused on the Acid Voodoo album, and some music with Dov1 as DnA. As soon as I get a breather I really want to finish the next Invisible People release.

CE: The “Medicine Crunk” mix series has been successful at resonating with people across the world and is currently at five volumes, and counting. Do you plan to continue that series and how does it evolve from here?

AO: I see the series as constant evolving sound; I will be recording my sets at Envision Festival, Lucidity, and Lightning in a Bottle and releasing excerpts of those sets over the next few months. Really excited for a lot of these remixes I have been making specifically for these next sets and mixes.

Photo courtesy of An-Ten-Nae/Facebook.

CE: How has your sound and production style changed over the years, and what kind of sonic evolution are you hoping to harness going forward?

AO: I really believe in always moving forward, so i tend to try and spend at least an hour a day learning new production techniques and other things. This past summer I spent a bit of time learning video editing, and that has really been a lot of fun. Recently I’ve been spending more and more time getting deeper into synthesis and working on creating more and more space and subtle intricacies.

CE: The Acid Voodoo tour kicks off in conjunction with the album release. What are you most excited about for the tour, and how has the process of playing live changed for you?

AO: The tour starts in earnest with Envision Festival, where I will be debuting a lot of new music; lately I have been adding more tracks and layers to manipulate live during my sets, and that has been refreshing to me.

CE: Is there a particular theme or message that you’d like to get across with the release of the album?

AO: That music is medicine. With this release, I am also making digital art for each of the songs. Which, in turn, connect to the other songs. Here’s the tour launch video that shows of some of the panels I have created.

CE: You’re involved in several collaborative projects, including Dimond Saints, DnA, and more. What can we expect from those projects or any other collaborations that you have cooking?

AO: We’re going to start working towards a new Dimond Saints Album this year, but we are taking our time and not feeling rushed. We want it to be special. I will be releasing more with DnA and the Invisible People this year; I’m also excited about all this new music with my WHYT RBBT project, as it really is pushing my boundaries and sonic limits.

CE: What does the future hold for the An-Ten-Nae project?

AO: To keep evolving and do more collaborations, and working on also doing select Medicine nights around the country this year. These will be An-Ten-Nae curated nights, where the focus will be on deeper vibed music and positive messaging aimed at building community.

An-Ten-Nae’s new single from the upcoming Acid Voodoo album, titled “Twilight” and featuring Morillo, is out now. The album itself will be released May 1. Grab tickets to phase one of the Acid Voodoo tour here.


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Featured photo: Jess Bernstein.