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Kill Paris shares first two singles of the year, ‘I’ve Seen it All’ & ‘Ghosty’

Kill Paris has been on the steady comeback in the last several years, standing out as both a producer and instructor. The multi-talented musician is best known lately for his 2019 album Galaxies Within Us, which came as a follow-up to 2015’s Galaxies Between Us. With spring soon on the horizon, Kill Paris is coming on strong with two brand new singles, “I’ve Seen it All” and “Ghosty.”

In the past, Kill Paris has made melodic, sweeping bass music that possessed a funky dance vibe. He stays true to these melodic roots with “I’ve Seen it All,” capturing a beautiful piano medley over top a contrasting bass line. The elements mix to combine a tune that is both an emotional journey and a spacey track to get down to. Fans of heavier bass will appreciate “Ghosty,” with its wavy breakbeat-style drop and eclectic recovery. It’s easy to picture lasers when listening to this tune, and both of them are ready to be thrown in to some groovy sets.

“I feel like all my new stuff is a bit heavier that most of what was on ‘Galaxies Within Us,'” Kill Paris stated in an interview. “I’m taking a more direct approach to making music at the moment. I always come back to finding that balance of heavy dance stuff / more ‘listening’ type music. The mode I’m in right now is pushing me make stuff that bangs, but still has solid melodic elements.”

Kill Paris is set to release several more tracks throughout the course of the year, including hints at some upcoming collaborations.