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SoDown & Megan Hamilton are ‘Right On Time’ with jaw-dropping electro-funk anthem

Boulder-based saxophonist and bass music producer SoDown is Ehren River Wright. Combining infinite influences, his line of music is an endlessly evolving medley of many different genres, culminating in a uniquely diverse style of bass music. SoDown has commanded stages at Red Rocks, Coachella, Electric Forest, Sonic Bloom, and more. Now he’s enlisted Minneapolis-based producer and funky rioter Megan Hamilton on the expansive electro-funk track, “Right On Time.”

“The next series of music I’ve been working on is inspired by the impermanence of life. Right On Time represents the idea, that regardless of future or past, things happen as they should,” says SoDown on the track.

As a producer and vocalist with hip-hop roots, Megan Hamilton is a well-equipped rocket in the electronic orbit. Her mix of hypnotic bass, funky riffs, and house grooves push the envelope of the track as she showcases her ability to spin top lines over beats at the flip of a hat. SoDown’s signature sax playing and Hamilton’s powerful vocals naturally complement each other in the piece. The two artists tested the track live while Hamilton was touring with SoDown on his Trilogy Winter tour last November, and fans’ reactions were more than favorable.

Combining a palpable groove with thunderous, bass-centric aromas, SoDown creates an unparalleled atmosphere. With limitless versatility, he’s perfected what he calls his “GetDown Key,” a personal genre atlas which falls into three separate categories: “SoHeavy, SoGroovy, and SoChill.” At the heels of his own triumphs, SoDown is only just beginning.