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ford. sonn and hanz pose together in front of a staircase

ford., Hanz, Sonn come together on Foreign Family for cinematic 6-track EP, ‘GOOD COMPANY’

Foreign Family Collective‘s latest release is a thing of blissful beauty. Label mates ford., Sonn, and Hanz came together in Seattle from Oslo, Utah, and London to create Good Company. Composed of six heart-stopping cuts that are drenched in a tangible, atmospheric feeling, the cinematic 6-tracker was recorded at the Foreign Family studios.

The trio had never before worked together in person, having only exchanged projects via email and Skype. So the opportunity to collaborate face to face was too exciting to ignore. What they concocted together is a soaring indietronica project which traverses lo-fi, garage, electronic and hip-hop. 

Good Company is a cinematic series that uses subtle layers of both instrumentals and vocals to uncover hidden depth. From the softly lingering “Intro” that brings string plucks and mesmerizing vocal builds, the trio then move seamlessly to “Waiting.” Now capturing stronger syncopation and expressive folds of melody, melancholic vocals enter the mix at its climax.

Another standout on the EP is the Ralph Castelli-assisted “The Feeling,” a track that is seeped in wistful romanticism and slow, indulgent transitions. “Home” once again draws on a stripped back introduction before immersing listeners in wave-like synth progressions and a beat that comes heavily dosed with urgency both take hold.

“U Stay” is an electronica meets pop collaboration with vocalist Ian Kirby and moves with deft flow and hazy hip-hop vibes. Completing the EP is “Endsong” with its flickering notes that shine and reflect sheer clarity. As ford., sonn and Hanz transcend towards their musical climax, listeners are soaking in the fact that they’re in Good Company.