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Emancipator reveals third single from forthcoming album + full tracklist

Emancipator (Douglas Appling) gave fans quite the nice surprise on Valentine’s Day when he announced his next studio album, Mountains of Memory. That wasn’t the only good news though. The album, which is due out on April 3 via Loci Records, comes along with a full Emancipator Ensemble tour to follow at the end of the month. Since then, the Portland-based producer and instrumentalist has released three singles from the forthcoming LP, including “Labrynth,” “Iron Ox,” and now “Himalayan.”

The latest single is a grounding downtempo track that soothes and mellows. Laced with lush atmospheres, cinematic tones, vibrant strings, and cool vocal chops, “Himalayan” is a classic Emancipator treat. According to Appling in a press release, the track is meant to evoke “a sense of enlightenment, reflection, and achievement, perhaps what one would feel standing at the summit of a long ascent looking out above the clouds.”

As a classically trained violinist, Emancipator’s new album will explore other string instruments, such as the dilruba and cimbalom, alongside organic sounds like water, winds, and finger snaps. The album, Appling says, “has a loose narrative of rising from the swamps, to the summit of a mountain, and the journey of enlightenment in between. By the end of the album, you are standing atop the Mountain of Memory.”

View Emancipator Ensemble tour dates and the Mountains of Memory tracklist below and purchase tickets here.


Mountain of Memory Tracklist:
  1. Alligator
  2. Pollo Sneeps
  3. Waxin
  4. Dodo
  5. Blue Dream
  6. Awakenings
  7. Iron Ox
  8. Currents
  9. Labyrinth
  10. Chiefin
  11. Forged
  12. Snakes And Ladders
  13. She Gone To The River
  14. Himalayan