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Relive Tipper’s full live set from Okeechobee 2020 [WATCH]

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival is the festival that keeps on giving, especially in these uncertain times. The gifts form Sunshine Grove keep pouring in as fans have uncovered Tipper‘s full set from the weekend of March 5-8. For the much-talked-about set features an hour and fifteen minutes of all-original Tipper music, old and new. The godfather of glitch also welcomed regular collaborators and visual artists Fractaled Visions (Keith Anderson) and Glass Crane (Steven McCorry) to take on VJing and animations.

It’s no secret that Dave Tipper’s visuals are a step above the rest and that his mind-bending sets wouldn’t be what they are without the visual art community. Which is why Tipper loves to prop up visual artists and elevate them at the same level as himself. Okeechobee was just another reminder of the beautiful spirit of collaboration that pervades the world of Tipper.