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G Jones debuts new song ‘Glowing Experiences’ during Digital Mirage live stream [WATCH]

As live streams flood the internet every weekend with a variety of styles and genres, artists are coming together and sharing festival-worthy sets, mixtapes, and new music en mass. Underground bass artist G Jones merged with this movement and became a standout act during Digital Mirage‘s online music festival, blessing over fifty thousand listeners with a top-notch, all originals set.

In addition to playing a mix of his classics, G Jones dropped several new, never-before-heard tracks for fans to revel in. One, titled “Glowing Experiences,” captures the uniquely awe-inspiring and ethereal sound that his followers have come to know and love. While there’s no official release date set for the new tunes, G Jones is known to test out his new stuff on the road to test fan response, so it’s likely there’s more work to be done before putting them out to the public.

Fans can also watch below or watch the full set on YouTube, here.

Featured photo: Bryan Liscinsky