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Wide Awake Radio | Ep. 001 | Mize

We’re so happy to debut our very first podcast episode of Wide Awake Radio with rising bass producer Ian Evans, or Mize as he’s popularly known. Evans came to age in the scene through the Bassnectar family where he met one of CE‘s managing editors, Bridgette. They met after a Bassnectar throwdown at three in the morning, Bridgette recalls in the episode, where 30 people were packed into a tiny hotel room and Ian was on his laptop working hard to finish up a track. After signing with Warpath Group late last year, Mize has risen swiftly through the ranks.

From Wakaan Festival to Soundhaven and Los Angeles to New York City, MIZE’s packed touring schedule proved 2019 was a solid breakout year. In the process, he’s played alongside heavy bass-hitters like Champagne Drip, Shlump, DMVU, Mystic Grizzly, and so many more. After booking Bonnaroo this year, which MIZE says he never thought he would be big enough to play at, he recounts how his “big break” moment was really special because it was his first festival. As it turns out, hard work does pay off.


Find out how Mize has handled the recent quarantine at home, how the music community has connected him and other artists, his philosophy on how to get discovered and share music as an artist, and influences that have driven his creative musical direction.

Listen to Wide Awake Radio, episode one, with Mize below via SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

Wide Awake Radio is a podcast series that features emerging and established artists within the EDM community with a thought-provoking format to encourage conscious listening. Got a story you want to share? Hit us up on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #WideAwakeRadio, or email us at music@consciouselectronic.com. We want to hear from you!

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