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Zeds Dead and Funkin Matt convene on gorgeous anthemic house remix of Biicla’s ‘Deeper’

Russian beatmaker Biicla is gaining notoriety in his country and abroad for his stylistic open-mindedness and modest, intelligent musical approach. So much so that Canadian bass house pioneers Zeds Dead have begun to take notice of him as an innovative import. In their newest endeavor, DC and Hooks have given the Russian new-kid-on-the-block the honor of remixing one of his tracks, “Deeper,” which was only released two months ago on his No Place EP.

In what looks to be an independent release from Deadbeats, Zeds Dead calls upon Norwegian producer and past collaborator Funkin Matt for a remix that goes down in the history books right alongside “Coffee Break,” “In The Beginning,” and “Lost You.” In other words, instant classic. Or to put it boldly, the fruit of their loins is exactly something one would expect to hear being played out at Zeds Dead’s most coveted of family affairs.

Anthemic, euphoric, melodic, and heavy in all the right places, the trio’s take on “Deeper” goes hard in the paint and still knows just when to get listeners riding deep into the feelings. Complete with dreamlike sequences, infectious hooks, and those signature Zeds Dead gritty basslines that incite a quelled feeling in the heart and shoulders, this is a remix that will have listeners bursting at the seams.

All in all, the boys and their Norwegian counterpart have created a futuristic bass weapon, yet something classic and extremely emotive. When one puts the re-touched version up against its original, the product is a wholly different experience. While Biicla’s original track gleans uptempo future pop, yet wildly unique, Zeds Dead and Funkin Matt have managed to turn the song on its head; all while proudly bringing their own distinctive production styles to the surface.