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Doctor P releases powerhouse remix package with Dirt Monkey, Shlump, Spag Heddy, more

Doctor P has just made a bold move in the way of revamping his classics all together in one place. The Circus Records co-founder has enlisted heavy bass purveyors, both veterans and newcomers alike, on a statement-making remix package. The powerhouse project, dubbed The Remixes, takes a new look at eight of Doctor P’s best cuts dating as far back as nine years ago. The legendary producer enlists some noteworthy artists that he feels perfectly encapsulate the vibe of his music and his label.

Kicking off the project is two standout remixes from Spag Heddy and Shlump. Bebi‘s budding remix takes on the four-year-old track, “Rekt Together,” putting a vibrant melodic spin on an old dubstep classic. Then comes Franky Nuts‘ electro-forward re-imagination of one of Doctor P’s newer tracks,”Something To Believe In,” before Mark The Beast delivers a heavy-than-thou take on the old Doctor P cut, “Big Boss.”

From there, DONKONG goes full riddim on “The Pit,” a six-year-old collaboration with Adam F and Method Man. Chime then takes on “Bulletproof,” a melodic classic from seven years back. As a standout on the EP, Dirt Monkey closes things out with an appropriately themed video game remix of Doctor P’s instant hit, “Going Gorillas.” One can’t help but get Donkey Kong vibes on this one.

All in all, the project feels like stepping back in time; not only to re-visit some of Doctor P’s most defining tracks but to hear what they sound like with dubstep’s newest trends stamped onto them.