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Bassnectar donates $100,000 to support Black Lives Matter

As the massively-attended Black Lives Matter protests in the US now spread globally, dance music artists have been raising their voice in solidarity in sizeable donations to the cause. Among those is Bassnectar, a staunch political activist and philanthropist, who put perhaps the largest dent in several charities in support of the civil rights movement.

The Bay Area bass music producer and his team took to Bassnectar’s socials that they would be pausing anything music-related for a week to focus on activism and education. In addition, the Bassnectar team announced a donation totaling $100,000 split amongst five different organizations: Black Lives MatterColor of ChangeCampaign ZeroNAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, and Media Justice. As he’s proven time and time again, Bassnectar stands on the right side of history.