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Burning Man Project launches platform for shared live experiences, Kindling

The non-profit organization known as Burning Man Project—the same one that puts on the iconic Burning Man event each year in Black Rock City, Nevada and continuously supports the entire community on and off the festival grounds—has just recently brought a new website portal experience to life. Kindling is the newest online platform to showcase live talent.

The idea for Kindling stemmed from a mixture between Burning Man 2020’s unfortunate cancellation due to COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter marches which continue to fester globally. The platform provides a virtual outlet to bring the culture that Burning Man is known and loved for straight to fans’ screens from all over the world. Their intention is to “explore lived experiences being created by instigators in the BMan community and beyond,” Burning Man organizers tweeted.

It’s not just any streaming platform though. Kindling is designed to really engage everyone in attendance. They’ll do this through five things that fans can choose from: Co-Learn, Ignite, Gather, Experience, or Play. Each section will have live talent and special experiences that go hand-in-hand with the chosen topic.

People will be able to enjoy a wide variety of creativity, art, and design as well as catch some performances, parties, screenings, and celebrations. All of which have been strategically organized by the Burning Man Project. Infinite wisdom and insight can be collected from any of the thought leaders, creative leaders, and storytellers. It allows you to soak up everything you would at the real event. Additionally, anybody can showcase their talent on the portal.

Check out the official Kindling website to see what the hype is all about.

Featured Photo: Jacques de Selliers