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Electric Blockaloo Minecraft Festival will be largest live stream event in history with over 850 artists [Line-up]

Rave Family has officially finalized the line-up for their weekend-long Minecraft music festival, Electric Blockaloo. The digital throw down was originally slated to present a whopping selection of 300 artists. Now, the updated list boasts a mind-numbing collection of over 850 artists. Since the previous release, Rave Family somehow managed to pack in over 500 different artists from various music scenes. Electric Blockaloo’s latest additions include several big-league names such as Steve Aoki, STRFKR, Louis The Child, Kursa, SubDocta, and even Paris Hilton. 

Set for June 25-28, the immersive music experience will take place on a dedicated Minecraft server with over 65 distinct stages custom-built and curated by the artists performing. Some of which will be modeled after The Gorge, Red Rocks, and many more iconic venues. Festival-goers can expect numerous activities, mini-games, and easter eggs. Throughout the weekend, attendees will also be available to communicate through an online chatroom on Discord

Rave Family aims to donate five percent of the proceeds to several organizations such as Black Lives Matter, Bye Bye Plastic Bags, and The Bail Project. Inside the world, attendees can virtually donate to any of the charities and even register to vote through Rave Family’s partnership with HeadcountFollowing several copyright issues from other artists’ previous online shows, Rave Family has also teamed up with Mixcloud to ensure that rights holders are paid for the use of their music during the festival. 

Electric Blockaloo’s cyber stage is officially ready to make some noise. The immense and heady lineup alone is sure to set some records. During a time of social isolation and a global pandemic, the festival definitely has something for everyone. Much more information on how to attend can be found at the show’s website.