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Moody Good – Buster Island

Eddie Jefferys’ style has come a long way in the six years since he first started releasing under his Moody Good moniker. Releasing on labels from OWSLA and NEST HQ to RTA Records, the English bass music producer and sound designer has explored the vast domains of the experimental and the underground. As Moody Good’s aesthetic has evolved into a heavier, decidedly more “big room” oeuvre, its allowed him to release on labels like Gud Vibrations and, most recently, Deadbeats.

Following his early 2020 release of “Swerly,” Moody Good now returns to Zeds Dead‘s illustrious imprint with “Buster Island” and the track is loaded with mind-numbingly raw dubstep that is rather hard to put into words. As he invites listeners into his highly digitized world of 8-bit video game sampling, complexly layered synth work, and intense bass lines, “Buster Island” begins to feel like a highly-skilled, tumultuous rendezvous with a level four video game boss. When he drops into blistering bassline blasts and gut-punching sub-bass, it’s easy to feel like things are all over from there.