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Chet Porter becomes first DJ to perform all underwater set

In this new era of livestream festivals, several artists face the challenge of bringing new scenes to the table. Whether it be fully animated performances or an outdoor stage, there is no shortage of ideas. Most notably, Chet Porter made history with the world’s first underwater set during Digital Mirage 2.0

It does not take a scientist to realize that water and electronics do not mix well, however Porter still flawlessly pulled off the impossible. Although the set was partially-pre recorded, most of the transitions and tracks were cued live with a custom made waterproof controller. This insane feat truly proves that all it takes is a little ingenuity and an Etch A Sketch to make history. If anyone missed Digital Mirage 2.0, the entire 30 minute set can now be streamed from Proximity’s YouTube channel. 

Photo Credit: Chet Porter