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GriZ plays saxophone live with band

GRiZ’s Digital Mirage set honors George Floyd, brings awareness to Black Lives Matter [STREAM]

Grant Kwiecinski, known best under the GRiZ moniker, has been using his platform to continuously spread awareness about the Black Lives Matter Movement. Kwiecinski has been extremely active in advocating for this since the moment it first started. He has taken the streets numerous times to join protests, donated money to countless organizations, and shared many ways in which his fans can help from home or in person.

GRiZ’s most recent set for Digital Mirage perfectly highlighted all of this. Instead of recording the set from his kitchen like he’d originally intended to, he decided to use a lot of the footage from Denver’s peaceful protests. In addition to that, the set featured many tracks from black artists such as Troyboi, Mr. Carmack, Honey Dijon, 2pac, and more. It was a very impactful set.

At the end of the set, Digital Mirage allowed GRiZ to take 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence for George Floyd. He said, “During a time of so much noise, the uncomfortable silence can sometimes speak louder than anything.” This moment of silence was intended to raise awareness and show support for all the black lives that have been taken by police over the last few centuries. During this silence, the screen displayed various books, documentaries, and other resources to help understand and educate others on the Black Lives Matter Movement as well as the police brutality which has been happening.

The audio for GRiZ’s Digital Mirage set can be found below.

Featured photo: Rukes.