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Drishti Beats crafts euphoric summer solstice single ‘Give It All’ to commemorate Int’l Yoga Day [Premiere]

Drishti Beats has perfectly harnessed the carefree feelings of summer, allowing listeners to release negative emotions and experience catharsis both on and off the mat.

Drishti Beats isn’t an old, run-of-the-mill live band experience. The group often host yoga classes as part of their sets, and their downtempo bass chillhop sound makes a perfect backdrop for a relaxing but energized session. Their Eastern-inspired music inspires festivel crowds around the world to center themselves on harmony and balance through rhythm. From MysteryLand and EDC Las Vegas to their own music and yoga experience held in Colorado, Drishti Beats has come a long way since their formation between the Lowell family (Lori, Jeremy, Ariel, and Alec) and two family friends (Ricardo Branco, Carol Carlson). The dynamic between the six members manifests itself through music in radiant patterns that evoke joy in life.

CE is proud to premiere Drishti Beats’ newest single, “Give It All,” not just because it’s the longest day of the year on the Summer Solstice. Also because the summer solstice is International Yoga Day, which is authentically reflects the group’s collective passions. The track is simultaneously upbeat and laid back, with midtempo beats and vibrant vocals mixed with seamless melodic tones and a clear heartbeat. The deft blend of jazz and electronica make for a positively-infused and infectious song, complete for a spiritual vinyasa session or just free-form dancing. 

“[Give It All] holds a special place in our hearts because it completely connects with the yogic ‘breakthrough,'” Drishti Beats told CE in an exclusive quote. “A breakthrough can happen anywhere from a concept clicking in your mind to reaching the next level of a pose. As it is only natural to battle self doubt and negative thoughts, we hope that “Give It All” provides listeners with the strength to live into their power.

Drishti Beats focus is more centered on yoga first, and music as secondary channel to inspire awakening the body’s power. Still, their musical catalog is undoubtedly a skillful experiment in crafting moods. There’s definite shifts between zen and controlled chaos that’s perfect for festivals—whether it be twilight sets as festival attendees move into night time activities or energizing mornings to kick-start a day.

What makes Drishti Beats so unique and refreshing is how the group offers professional yoga teacher training and yoga classes on their website, working to make the healing practice more accessible everywhere. While the six-piece yogi band had to cancel their annual festival retreat due to Coronavirus, they’re planning a fruitful return with radiant, curated music and yoga sets for crowds of all musical tastes from around the world.

Drishti Beats – Give It All [Conscious Electronic Premiere]


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