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Sound Haven is proceeding with strict safety guidelines

After the initial wave of Coronavirus took over the world, the music industry came to a grinding halt with most events postponing to 2021 or even indefinitely. In just a few weeks time, the festival industry went from a thriving, booming soundscape with multiple events around the country to just a handful left determined to push through the hard times. One of these events is Sound Haven, which is run by Sacred Hive and takes place every summer in Jaceland, Tennessee.

Known for it’s renowned wonky-bass lineups and close-knit atmosphere, Sound Haven is a small but fruitful festival with a dedicated fan base. They’re limiting capacity to only 1,000 people this year, which could end up lending itself to the intimate experience. As one of the first festivals attempting to go on as scheduled, they’ve made a list of precautions and rules that attendees must adhere to for a safe event. Campsites will be 8 feet apart and limited to 10 people each, and organizers will be distributing face masks to attendees and personnel that are heavily encouraged for use.

In addition to these social distancing measures, Sound Haven will also implement temperature checks on those entering the grounds and will have staff on hand to sanitize any high use areas (tables, porta-potties, rails, etc) regularly, as well as providing sanitizing stations throughout. They’re appointing a “Infection Mitigation Coordinator” to oversee health efforts and provide safety for festival goers. Organizers are optimistic, but also realistic about the future of the 2020 edition, and stated that “if the pandemic were to increasingly worsen, we will not hesitate to postpone Sound Haven.” For now, however, it’s all systems go, and interested attendees can find tickets here.

Featured photo: Robert Olsen Photography