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TWO LANES shares third single ‘Never Enough’ from upcoming bitbird EP

Berlin-based duo TWO LANES has quickly become a label favorite at bitbird. Now the sibling electronic act has returned with the third single off their upcoming EP. The track is titled “Never Enough” and it turns out with a smooth, chill approach that is wholly relaxing and meditative. At the same time, the song’s four-on-the=floor beat soothes while invigorating, much like the organic house compositions of Lane 8.

Calming, soothing, and graceful on the ears, “Never Enough” is a melodic gem and exactly the aural aesthetic that San Holo has been shooting for since the formation of his esteemed label years ago. Vocally driven, with downtempo flavors, the song speaks to the duo’s classical training as well. “Leo studied classical music so we mostly start ideas on the piano which we then translate into a more electronic sound,” explains TWO LANES on their SoundCloud.

“With this track, however, we felt like leaving the piano in there since it blends beautifully with the vocal and gives the track this longing and melancholic character,” they continue.

Take a listen below and look out for the forthcoming short player landing on San Holo’s bitbird imprint soon.