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Adventure Club release nostalgic single, ‘Back to You’ ft. Sara Diamond

Reeling off the immense success of their last single, “Rebellious,” Canadian melodic dubstep duo Adventure Club mark their second release of the new decade with “Back to You.” The new tune, which is out now on Ultra Music, features the vocal talent of fellow Canadian and singer/songwriter Sara Diamond. “Back To You” also serves as the second song to be put out from their upcoming sophomore album set for release this summer.

“[W]e went back in time and brought out all of our favorite parts from AC’s early producer days and tried to embody them, make them whole, and make them resonate today,” says the Candian duo in a press statement. “Sara Diamond is one of our favorite vocalists, and her runs in this song are absolutely breathtaking and hauntingly beautiful. Old and new AC fans will certainly recognize the feels and love in this record.”

Heavy, resonating synths start out the three-and-a-half-minute production, with Sara Diamond’s smooth-flowing vocals following not too far behind. The pace begins to pick up, building a raw tension that’s eventually released with the impactful, hefty bass drop. Adventure Club’s signature energetic dubstep sound is interspersed throughout the entirety of their latest edgy sonic endeavor, perfectly complemented by the track’s melodically ethereal vibe courtesy of Diamond. The track harkens back to Adventure Club’s formative years with its massive, oscillating basslines and the duo’s intoxicatingly profound effect on the listener.

As pioneers of the modern-day electronic dance music scene, Adventure Club’s much-deserved reigning position as revered industry titans is solidified further with “Back to You.”